Thursday, December 31, 2009

Maci's first dance recital

The week before maci's first recital, we were allowed to go into her dance class to watch and take pictures. she was so wild...i was kind of embarrased and did not think that her rectital was going to go very well.

waiting for class to start


this is maci out of control when she is supposed to be practicing her recital dance

trying to get into first position....poor thing is pigeon toed and has a hard time with it...she has turned all the way around trying to get her feet to turn out.

THERE....she FINALLY got it!

she worked so hard to get into this position that she wouldn't move the whole time they were doing ballet.

skipping across the floor

the obstacle course in tumbling...she loves this

donkey kicks

maci's dance class...minus one more little girl

maci's first recital....she is late coming on the stage because she panicked when the lights were out and would not stay on the stage. she cried and finally they went ahead and turned on the lights and started the music and she decided to come back.

back stage!

maci and her friends!

back stage entertainment!

maci and her flowers because she did such a great job!

proud mommy and daddy


she had to smell the flowers!

her slushie!! we always try to reward her after dance class with a sonic slushie if she is a good listener...this is the first slushie she has earned!

her tap shoe ornament

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