Friday, July 17, 2009

She Did It!!!

Well, Maci did it!! I bribed her to jump off the diving board. Our deal was...if she jumped off, then she could jump on the trampoline. She was nervous about it, but she did it about 4 times. I really can't believe that she actually jumped! She is such a big girl!

Where did my little baby go?

Maci's High Dive!!

Getting ready to jump!

Swimming to the side!

Climbing out and ready to try again!

The reward....jumping on the jumpoline (as maci calls it)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Maci is SWIMMING!!

Maci started taking swim lessons last Thursday...I was a bit skeptical that she would be swimming after 7 lessons, but Ms. Ashley has a 100% success rate. Maci has made some major accomplishments this week and I wanted to share. It took 2 full lessons to learn to hold her breath and not drink the water. She cried most of the first 2 lessons and kept saying, "is Maci done now?" But she pushed through! By the third day, she only cried at the beginning. Today, Maci is saying, "I like going under." "Maci wants to kick now." She is jumping in by herself, but wouldn't jump off the diving board. That is the goal for tomorrow's lesson. Check back to see if she was successful! She even tries to swim in the bathtub. So our swim lessons have been a success.
So glad that swimming is all smiles and fun now!!

My little fish!!

Maci and her new floating trick!!

Floating on her back!

Maci loves doing "Tigger bounces"

Here she is reaching down to grab the rings under water and blowing bubbles!

Such a BIG GIRL!! Jumping in all by herself!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Farmer Jason!!

Today we went to a Farmer Jason concert with Ellie! He is so much fun! Maci and Ellie really enjoyed their first concert together! They played on the playground together while they were waiting for the concert to begin. Here are some pictures from their day together.
Maci and Farmer Jason

waiting for the concert to start

sliding together

ready to play!

daddy and maci

so hot!!


Let the concert begin!!

Farmer Jason in action

dancing! she loved it!

ellie was lookin' too cool!!

Ellie getting his autograph on our new dvds!

This is the thunderstorm that ended the concert a little early....too bad!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Every year we head to good ole' Pegram, TN for the 4th of July. It is such a nice small town to hang out and have fun! We started the day with the parade! Maci caught lots of candy! Then we ate a very yummy barbecue lunch. Next it was time to head to the park to check out all the festivities! There was a petting zoo, lots of food, beauty pageant, but her favorite was the swing!! We came home to nap and were planning to go back for the firework show that we haven't missed in several years. BUT... there was a big thunderstorm that came through so we had to stay at home this year! It is a great tradition that started when I was a little girl...I am glad I get to pass down my traditions to Maci!

ready to go watch the parade

"I said, Maci wants to go to the parade!!" (she sometimes speaks in third person)

waiting for the parade to start with uncle g

watching the parade and getting candy with daddy

maci and jj showing off their beads

This would have been a cute picture...but Maci decided to poke herself in the eye!

Having fun swinging!! She would have stayed right here all day if we would have let her!

Mrs. Armstrong (she teaches at Gower with me) had a petting zoo at the Pegram park today! It was a lot of fun!!

Petting the goats

Petting the alpaca...NOT llama!!

Daddy getting kisses form the alpaca! Maci wanted no part of the kissing...notice her hiding behind her daddy!

Petting the bunnies!

Petting the goat!

Getting ready to go on the fire engine ride! It was so much fun! Maci wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry....she kept looking around to make sure the sirens were a good thing! She was checking to see if everyone else was having a good time!

Family Photo front of the fire engine

Resting up before her beauty pageant! She is the reigning champ! She came in first place last year!

Winking at Mommy!

Getting ready to go on stage!

"Can I dance now?" that is what she asked her daddy!

Here comes MACI!!

This pic is a little blurry because she was a dancing machine!!

Sizing up the competition!

Miss Congeniality!

Blowing kisses...this is one way to win over the judges!

2nd Place....WHOO HOO!!
"Look Mommy...I got a RIBBON!!" She was so excited!!

Our little beauty QUEEN!!

She was sooooo tired after a day of fun!